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A qualifying investment vehicle that is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a savings instrument intended to accumulate to and provide income for an individual’s retirement. Income tax refund can be generated for each principle contribution and investment income accumulates on a tax deferred basis. These funds become taxable once they have been deregistered. Investment products that can be registered include GIC’s, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Segregated Fund Policies, etc.

A deposit product in which investors lend their funds to a bank or trust company in return for a guaranteed, periodic income and a return of capital at the maturity date. Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) guarantees the principle and interest of these investments up to $100,000.00 (with certain restrictions) for all of its member companies.

A debt instrument whereby a government or corporation recieves investors’ funds to finance their cash or capital needs in exchange for a periodic payment and return of capital at maturity. There are many types of Bonds. Bonds can be sold before maturity on a secondary market.  Price will be determined by comparing the bond interest rate with the current interest rate environment. Generally as the rate environment increases, the bond values decrease and vice versa.

A unit of value that represents ownership in a corporation. To raise funds for capital expansion etc, a business will sell ownership positions in their company. These shares are sold at perceived values or current market prices. The secondary market (ie. TSE: Toronto Stock Exchange) allows an investor to trade (buy & sell) their shares as desired. Market values for units or shares will be determined in part by the perceived value for the stock by investors and the supply and demand for the stocks. Stocks may generate dividend income and capital gains or losses which may allow some tax advantages.

Investments funded with after tax dollars.  Investment income is in the form of interest or dividends and is taxable when received or realized.

In its simplest form, a mutual fund is a combined pool of investor dollars that is managed by a professional staff who determine the most appropriate investment products to buy and sell. The manager of the fund must conform to the parameters and investment objectives established by the fund. Mutual Funds generally can be bought and sold as desired but may be subject to some fees or charges. Investment practices of these funds are watched carefully by industry regulators to ensure the best interest of consumers. Mutual Funds invest in any one or combination of investment instruments both domestic and global, consistent with their investment objectives. Their investment options determine the type of taxation for their income and could be in the form of interest, dividend and/or capital gains.

These are investment funds similar to Mutual Funds in the Life Insurance industry. There are slight differences in the handling of taxation and in the maturity and death guarantees offered by the insurance companies. Funds can pass directly to beneficiaries, by-passing the estate and probate costs.

Disclaimer A description of the key features of the segregated fund policy can be found in the information folder and important information about mutual funds can be found in the Fund Facts document. Please read these documents carefully before investing.

Mutual funds are not guaranteed. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund and segregated fund investments. Mutual fund and segregated fund values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the policyowner and may increase or decrease in value.

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