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Wm.Laurence Evans

Insurance products are offered through Brian J. Evans. Mutual funds are offered by Brian J. Evans through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. Other financial services and products are offered through Brian J. Evans Financial Services.


As an independent Broker, Brian Evans provides clients with good quality financial services. His industry insight, reputable resources and conservative approach ensure that clients' financial strategies are developed in a balanced manner. Whether you are establishing your first policy, portfolio or simply fine tuning an existing one, find out for yourself why choosing Brian J. Evans Financial Services is the right choice.

New Insurance Products

Travel: Whether you are travelling within Canada, outside Canada, or have friends and relatives visiting you from abroad, making sure emergency health care needs are covered is imperative. For more information, simply click here.

Flexcare: You and your family need health and dental coverage whether your employer has a group plan or not. Apply for the coverage you need for your loved ones. For more information please click here.

Federal Budget March 2016

 pdf document  Federal Budget Report 2016 Summary

 pdf document  Federal Budget Report, March 2016 – BDO Dunwoody

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Budgeting is fundamental to the achievement of financial independence and with time and serious commitment the results  are measurable and fulfilling.

  Developing a strategy for your financial affairs begins with a mindset that is willing to adopt new patterns of thought that will benefit you in the future.   Uxbridge is a thriving community which offers an array of activities and events.  It takes many to make up our community
- please enjoy!

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